Dear CHW Symposium registrant,

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Liberia soon.  As you travel in the coming days, here are some important updates for what to expect when you land at the airport:

  • Look for our team at the airport for help: The symposium planning team will have designated representatives on site to help you manage through visa and immigration processes. Please look for signs for the CHW Symposium as soon as you deboard the plane to find an individual representative to help you.
  • Vaccination requirements: Please note that all travelers arriving in Liberia are required to present evidence of vaccination for COVID and also for Yellow Fever.  Please keep your vaccination documents close at hand to more easily move through the customs process.
  • Airport Transit: The symposium representatives at the airport will connect you to transportation to your hotel. We have dedicated a designated fleet of vehicles to transport you at no cost from the airport to your hotel. (Note: Please make sure to connect with our designated representative for this transportation—we will not be able to reimburse for costs in cases where an individual takes a taxi from the airport that is not part of the symposium’s designated fleet of vehicles).
  • Travel time from airport to Monrovia: Due to road construction, please expect up to 2.5 hours travel time from the airport to your hotel.  Our team will be ready with water and snacks when you arrive at the airport to help ease this journey.
  • When you check-in for the symposium, kindly bring the ticket with QR code attached in your registration confirmation email from our registration portal “” and a valid photo ID.

We hope that the processes we’ve put in place will ease your arrival, and please contact us if you have any specific questions.  We wish you safe travels, and look forward to meeting you soon! 

In case there is a need for additional clarity, kindly reach out to the below listed individuals who will respond: 

  1. The Conference Planning Team
    Minnie Sirtor Bowier
    WhatsApp # +231886528632
  2. Cassandra Hampton
    Cell & WhatsApp +231777272677
  3. Jevons Kawalla
    Cell: +231776427986