The safety of all symposium attendees is our top priority. We require all attendees to follow all health and safety guidelines during symposium events to make the 2023 CHW Symposium a safe, secure and enjoyable event for all.

Beyond these standardized measures, there may be additional, venue-specific safety procedures required by the Symposium Organizers. Please contact for specific information before traveling to the conference.

To ensure that all participants remain safe and secure through their stay at the symposium in Liberia, adhere to the below protocols and guidelines.

Security Protocols

  • All participants will be provided with  one-time airport pickup service from the airport to their respective hotels included in the list on the accommodation page. More information on how to sign-up for this service will be provided for all registered participants.
  • All participants should bring a copy of the registration confirmation sheet and a valid ID card.
  • Daily pick-up and drop-off will be available to and from hotels and the symposium center for hotels listed on the accommodation page. Upon arrival you will receive a schedule with pick-up and drop off times.
    • Please note daily transportation will NOT be provided for participants lodging in hotels beyond those listed due to traffic considerations.
  • For any other travel to specific locations we recommend the use of the below listed services:
  • Avoid traveling at night with unknown individuals.
  • Avoid carrying excess cash and valuables on hand.
  • Lock house and bedroom doors at night. Do not open the door of your house/room to any caller before you establish their identity and the purpose of their visit to your house/room.
  • Do not walk on the beaches at night.
  • Participants are advised against using shared (yellow) taxis with unknown individuals. 
  • Participants are prohibited from the use of ‘pen-pens’ motorcycle taxis or ‘Kae-Kae’ three-wheeler auto due to the high incidence of accidents and petty theft.

Safety Guidelines


  • Liberia requires proof of COVID vaccinations for all travelers. Kindly refer to the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Protocol for travelers.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination is required for all travelers over 9 months of age.
  • Measles vaccination is strongly recommended.
  • For more information, refer to the CDC guidelines.

In-Person Safety Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that symposium attendees follow all safety instructions provided by at all times, and that you do not attend any in-person event if you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of illness.

On a daily basis, there will be an emergency response team with assigned emergency vehicles at the site of the symposium to address all health-related issues which include ensuring referrals to facilities where needed. 

Hand sanitizing stations will be spread across the facility including the conference and breakout rooms to ensure COVID protocols are upheld.

Routine Cleaning

Conference and event rooms will be thoroughly cleaned in-between and at the end of each session.


For countries that require COVID testing in advance of travel, transportation to testing sites will be available. Participants are responsible for paying any testing fees. Kindly refer to for additional information.

Health Information

  1. Medical disclosure form
  2. Malaria prophylaxis for participants from non-endemic countries
  3. COVID-19 vaccine certificates
  4. International Insurance for all international guests
  5. Medical emergency no. once identifies