The 3rd CHW Symposium aims to facilitate the global exchange of knowledge and solutions to scale and sustain Community Health Programs in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The symposium will focus on sharing best practices on the complimentary and necessary systems to support scale.

Symposium objectives:

    1. Foster cross-country learning, exchange and action through engagement with country delegations 
    2. Showcase country experiences with integrating, adapting, scaling and optimizing community health workers (CHW) and community-based and -led outreach programs for high quality, equitable community-based PHC
    3. Amplify CHW and other community-based and -led voices, and feature examples of CHW led, organized and mobilized advocacy efforts. Identify opportunities for partners to support them in these efforts
    4. Elevate country progress on and accelerate political momentum for professionalizing and institutionalizing CHWs and other community-based and -led workers as a part of a broader, enabled, fit-for-purpose health workforce and examine the bottlenecks that impede progress
    5. Spotlight country examples of financing models that demonstrate sustained financing for CHWs and other community-based and community-led workers galvanize coordinated commitments for increased domestic and external financing for community health programming
    6. Enhance accountability and governance by prioritizing measurement and harmonization of existing metrics to monitor progress toward institutionalizing CHW and other community-based and community-led programming and the system that supports them
    7. Leverage new and emerging evidence, best practices and partnerships to share innovations that strengthen CHW and other community-based and community-led workers’ skills and the system that support them
    8. Produce a high-level symposium report that summarizes the current state-of-play and achievements, and articulates priorities and next steps with measurable targets